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The Flute

- Article Cumhuriyet : SEE +
- Interview for China International,
recital at the Beijing Opera House. SEE +

- French Flute Association magazine. SEE +

- Review (german) from the Züddeusche Zeitung:
Connesson/Weber/Haydn concert, Munich March 2012

- Cover page of the Japanese magazine,
"The flute".

- Interview for Sankyo, in Japanese. SEE +

"... especially the plangent first flute
Julien Beaudiment, outstandingly characterful."

Classical source. Beijing

"... special praise must go to Julien Beaudiment
for his passionate playing in the finale"

Musicweb international. London.

"... Ophelia's tipsy song, deliciously shaped on flute
by Julien Beaudiment. "

The Guardian. London.

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